What makes South Lake Union such an extrodinary neighborhood is that it’s one of the few places in Seattle where the entire approach to transportation, sustainability, recreation, and what-goes-where has been thought through. It’s a recipe that’s yielded an exceptionally livable, walkable, hospitable place.

One reason you might want to put South Lake Union on your personal map is because of where it sits on the Seattle city map – right at the geographical center. That alone makes it a convenient place to get to and from. Meanwhile, bike lanes, wide sidewalks, and the city’s first modern streetcar put South Lake Unionites within easy reach of the downtown core and its connections to the region’s new light rail system.

Another way South Lake Union humbles other neighborhoods is in its devotion to sustainability. There are more LEED-certified buildings here or on the way than in any other part of the city. Combine that with pedestrian- centric streets, plenty of parks, and a truly usable public transportation system, and it all adds up to the color green.

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